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We challenge you to re-imagine storytelling 25 August 2016

We're challenging journalists, developers, students, activists, economists - pretty much anyone who wants to tell a story - to submit your innovative project idea and potentially change South Africa with a story READ MORE

Unpacking Youth Issues 08 July 2016

Forty years after school pupils protested for their right to education, we brought civil society organisations and technologists together to see how technology can help solve the challenges youth are facing today. READ MORE

Hack4Water Hackathon 04 April 2016

Participants from different backgrounds worked together to create drought solutions in our recent Hack4Water hackathon. This event forms part of a nationwide challenge in partnership with The Department of Water and Sanitation, Open Government Partnership to help address South Africa’s water shortages. READ MORE

HackaStory for Social Good 04 February 2016

What happens when passionate people collaborate to revision the future of storytelling READ MORE

Building great data tools is not enough 23 November 2015

All too often powerful, simple-to-use data tools for journalists are built and, after an initial buzz, they end up hardly being used by the very users they target. READ MORE

Hackathons are not for hackers... 17 February 2014

Hackathons are not for hackers READ MORE