What is Codebridge?

Codebridge is a co-working space for software and hardware developers in Claremont, Cape Town that is based on the successful Hacker Dojo space in Mountain View, CA.

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Our Sponsors

We are very grateful to be sponsored by Amazon Web Services who cover the rent of the building.

Our current internet sponsor is SnapBill, though we're always looking for an upgrade. Did someone say fibre?


Membership fees start at R300/month for a key to the building and use of the event space, all the way up to R800/month for a dedicated desk.

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The income membership fee is enough to cover the basics, but we survive off donations.


We are currently borrowing a projector for most events, but it would be great to have our own.

Desks and Chairs

We have had a fair amount of desks and chairs donated already, but we're always looking for more. Really anything goes - old plastic chairs are very useful for overflow seating at events.

Programming Books

It would be great to build up a collection of programming books. We've always looking for more. Feel free to swap any of the books on the shelf with one from your home (but please bring it back after a while.)


It seems we can never have enough. We ideally want some large wall sized ones, but the smaller ones are useful too.

Your Time

Since we're entirely member-run there are whole lot of random jobs to do around the building (you know - taking out trash, etc.). This website also needs some work (and its on github!)

Getting in touch

If you want to get in contact, you can email josh at codebridge.(...)